Welcome to GS1 Pakistan

GS1 Pakistan is a not-for-profit, industry led organization to promote the design and implementation of global standards to improve the supply and demand chain. GS1's goal is clearly aimed at the simplification of global commerce by connecting the flow of information with the flow of goods. We will continue to develop as a standards and (related) services organization, offering a diversified portfolio of products and services across multiple sectors and industries.

GS1 Pakistan is the ONLY organization in Pakistan authorized to issue GTIN numbers for different trading items, locations and parties. Our core services in barcoding & article numbering, e-commerce, and the new age of Electronic Product Code/Radio Frequency Identification (EPC/RFID) and Global Data Synchronization (GDS) are the key elements in product and data standardization between trading partners to seek for business efficiency and to conduct commerce globally.

As a Member Organization, GS1 Pakistan strives to empower the core competences and competitiveness for Pakistani business community in moving a step forward to the globe through adopting a common global language of business.

GS1 Pakistan saves its members money, increases sales and improves customer service by standardising and automating business processes.